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Harmonix TU-666M Tuning Feet

Used 8/10 Without box.



TU-666M is a model under the “Million Maestro” series limited-edition special tuning feet, being made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harmonix. It is also the top of the line of the Harmonix Tuning Feet.

Each piece of the TU-666M of which diameter is 5cm with the thickness of 3.3cm and the net weight is 380g. It is a round metal tuning foot combined with an adjustable metal base. There is a piece of wood covered on the top of the metal foot and there is also a thin wood inlay on the metal base. The metal is well polished in the sparkling silver tone and it looks very sharp and elegant. The 4 pcs. TU-666M can hold up to 80kgs and it is advised to place under big and heavy preamplifiers, power amplifiers, or speakers.


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