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Proac Studio 125 floorstand speaker

8/10 Without box.

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ProAc Studio 125 is the junior floor speaker system in the company’s line and gives an impression of an extremely well-made thing. First of all, the perfect finishing of the body with yew veneer draws attention – natural wood pattern looks very attractive. The construction is two-way, acoustic design is a bass reflex. Tweeter with silk dome of 19 mm in the diameter is responsible for high frequencies, when the only speaker with polypropylene diffuser, covered in both sides with special damping composition, operates in MF/LF range. The bass reflex is made in interesting way – the main speaker is loaded on two ports of different diameter, locating on the back panel. Acoustic connectors allow two-cable connection. Traditionally for Slim body of the speaker system, traditionally for ProAc, is fixed on a wider pedestal in which the supplied spikes are threaded. In General, the speaker systems look more like expensive piece of furniture than a tool for audio playback.

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