StereoNET UK reviews the MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

“A striking looking, bang-up-to-date muscle amp with great sound.”

Founded in 1949, McIntosh is one of those iconic high-end hi-fi brands with a very distinctive proposition in terms of both look and sound. This illustrious US company made its name with classic tube amplifiers, then successfully switched to big, muscular solid-state designs – albeit with a special twist.

The hybrid MA12000 Integrated Amplifier is a product of uncompromising audio engineering and expert craftsmanship. Our most powerful integrated amplifier ever, the feature rich MA12000 offers 350 Watts per channel of clean, high performance power that produces a breathtaking home audio experience. Rafael Todes of StereoNET UK is one of the first to review the MA12000 and said it “does nothing to dilute the McIntosh legend.”

Noting that the “overall build quality” is “excellent,” Todes said MA12000 “does an awful lot of things.” Listening to it through his reference Bowers & Wilkins 802D3 loudspeakers, he described the MA12000 as “even-tempered, effortlessly powerful and very sweet.” One of his favorite recordings is Regula Mühlemann’s Mozart Arias II, which showcased the MA12000 “in all its glory.” The soloist’s voice had “body and texture” and a “superb portrayal” of emotion, while the orchestra “sounded precise and clean.”

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