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Total shipping weight 1.3 tons of Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc. shipment arrived!

World’s best audio racking system.

VXR audio stand, SXR audio stand, R3X isolation base, and M3X2 isolation base.

Harmonic Resolution Systems is comprised of a team of skilled engineers, dedicated craftsmen, and product support specialists with hundreds of years of  experience in design, development, production, sales, and distribution of noise-reduction components and systems that brings the magic of your favorite music and movies to life in your home. These skills are utilized with passion at HRS to create products with exceptional performance and of the highest quality.

HRS M3X2 isolation base

The M3X2 Isolation Base is the latest generation of reference level Isolation Bases from Harmonic Resolution Systems. It is the result of more than a decade of research and development into achieving true reference level audio system performance. The M3X2 is manufactured from 70+ parts and six different materials; including two proprietary polymers, billet machined aircraft aluminum housing, and polished black granite.

The VXR Audio Stand is a patented industry-leading design that eliminates noise, to reveal a new level of musical performance (US Patent No.: 10,045,615). The highly acclaimed HRS Isolation Bases load directly into the VXR frame as the shelf system. The boundlessly rigid VXR frame optimizes isolation base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. The VXR Audio Stand system was designed for the individual who wants reference level performance and unlimited current and future options and adjustability.

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