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The Complete Guide to Whole Home Audio Systems: Cost, Types, and Installation

Be in the Know About Setting Up a Whole Home Audio System

In the realm of home entertainment, the allure of a whole home audio system is undeniable, especially when considering the ability to seamlessly stream music or immerse yourself in surround sound throughout your living space. But with such sophistication comes the question: 

How much does it cost to construct a whole home audio system in your home?

How Much Does a Whole Home Audio System Cost?

The price of a whole home audio system in Malaysia can range from around RM 5,000 for basic setups to over RM 50,000 for premium, high-end configurations.

What Factors Influence These Costs?

Installation costs for a whole home audio system can vary significantly based on the complexity of your audio setup, including the choice between wireless speaker systems and wired configurations, the number of speaker locations, and whether you opt for integrated speakers within your living spaces or separate components like a home theatre processor for a separate home theatre. 

Additional factors include the need for acoustic treatments, the installation of a theatre riser for elevated seating, and any custom requirements like a specific speaker configuration or audio processor settings for enhanced surround sound effects.

System Cost Breakdown

For those considering investing in a whole home audio system, here’s a breakdown of the costs for each component.

* These are estimations and can vary significantly based on the complexity of the setup, room size, and equipment quality.

SpeakersRM1,040 – RM344,350 per speaker
AmplifiersRM2,890 – RM125,000 per amplifier
ReceiversRM910 – RM48,880 depending on features
SubwoofersRM3,834 – RM25,212
WiringRM330 – RM43,592 
Installation FeesRM900 – RM12,000 per hour for professional installation
AccessoriesControl panels, remotes, and other accessories can range from RM300 – RM8,965

Factors when Considering System Budget  

The cost of a whole home audio system can vary significantly depending on several factors:

Size of House: Larger homes require more speakers and amplifiers, increasing the overall cost of the system.

Quality of Components: High-end speakers and amplifiers command a premium price, while budget-friendly options may sacrifice some audio fidelity.

Installation Complexity: Labor costs associated with installation can add up, especially for wired systems or extensive setups.

Additional Features: Integration with smart home systems, voice control capabilities, and advanced audio processing technologies can drive up the cost.

Maintenance Costs for Home Audio Systems

Maintaining a whole home audio system is essential to preserve its performance and longevity. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Speaker Care: Regular cleaning and inspection prevent dust buildup and ensure optimal sound performance.
  2. Amplifier and Receiver: Ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating and inspect connections regularly.
  3. Wiring Checks: Periodic inspections prevent signal loss or interference.
  4. Speaker Calibration: Recalibrate settings as needed to maintain accurate sound reproduction.
  5. Preventive Maintenance: Invest in annual inspections or tune-ups to catch potential issues early.
  6. Replacement Parts: Budget for occasional repairs or upgrades.
  7. Professional Servicing: Seek assistance from certified technicians for specialized maintenance or repairs.
  8. Software Updates: Keep firmware and apps updated to access new features and improve 

By incorporating these practices, homeowners can enjoy their whole home audio system for years to come, minimising unexpected expenses and ensuring continued audio perfection.

Tips for Saving Money

For those looking to save money on their whole home audio system, consider the following tips:

Shop During Sales: Keep an eye out for discounts and promotions on audio components, especially during major shopping events like Black Friday.

Consider Refurbished Options: Refurbished speakers and amplifiers can offer significant savings without compromising on quality.

Phased Installation: Instead of installing the entire system at once, consider a phased approach to spread out the cost over time.

Audio Perfectionists: Your Installation Experts

While the cost of a whole home audio system may vary depending on various factors, the investment is undoubtedly worth it for those who value immersive audio experiences and seamless connectivity throughout their home. 

With the right planning, budgeting, and installation expertise provided by Audio Perfectionist, anyone can enjoy the delights of whole-home audio for years to come. Contact us today and get a consultation for your very own home audio system. 


How do I ensure my whole home audio system remains future-proof?

To future-proof your system, consider AV receivers and channel amps that support a wide range of audio formats and connectivity options, including Chromecast Audio for streaming, as well as the capability to add additional speakers or upgrade components over time. Look for systems that offer flexibility in speaker package upgrades, the integration of smart and portable speakers, and those that allow for easy updates to incorporate new audio technologies or streaming platforms. Ensure your system is versatile enough to adapt to advancements in audio entertainment, from immersive audio formats to new voice assistant functionalities.

What factors to consider when choosing speakers for an audio system?

A wide range of speaker options is available, including ceiling speakers for discreet whole-house audio, outdoor speakers designed to withstand the elements, and directional speakers for precise sound delivery in spaces like a dedicated home theatre with a projector screen. Consider speaker configurations that include additional speakers for stereo sound or surround sound effects, effects channels in a multi-channel amp setup, or even portable speakers with a speaker bracket for flexible usage around the house. Speaker quality, locations, and specific audio entertainment needs (e.g., music, movies, special effects) should guide your speaker package choice.

What are the differences between wireless, wired, and hybrid whole-house audio systems, and how do they affect sound quality?

Wireless speaker systems, such as those that might use technologies like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (e.g., Google Chromecast Audio), offer convenience and ease of installation with the capability to deliver high-quality audio. However, for an uninterrupted and high-fidelity audio experience, especially in dedicated home theatre setups with acoustic treatments, wired audio systems are often preferred due to their reliability and superior sound quality. Hybrid systems combine the best of both, allowing for a flexible approach to speaker locations, including ceiling speakers, wall speakers, and outdoor speakers, ensuring complete control over your audio entertainment.

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