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Siltech SQ-88MKII SATT G5 XLR interconnect




The conductors are Siltech’s proprietary G5 metallurgy which is a blend of silver and gold conductor materials arrayed in a dual-coaxial configuration. Siltech says that the natural crystal structure of silver produces small distortions generated by boundary effects on the signals so after purifying the silver, at a point between the melt and solidification processes, 24-karat gold is added.

This gold alloy fills the empty spaces between the crystals, boosting signal transmission, improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and dramatically lowering distortion. The cables are covered in a dark blue jacket. A mechanical damper of composite material carries the name and preferred signal direction on one end and the cables are terminated with WBT RCA connectors. The MK2 is flexible and lightweight. A fantastic cable, very detailed but neutral.

  • Length: 1 meter pair
  • No box, cable only


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