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Siltech SQ-88 Classic Mk2 G5 XLR interconnect


Come with original box.



Siltech SQ-88 B G5 Classic X-Balanced G5 Micro Technology
Siltech also uses Peek and Kapton as its insulator. Peek is used in Siltech proprietary SST connectors; an excellent insulator and it is mechanically very strong (you can’t deform it by hitting it with a hammer). Peek also has very high melting point (600 degrees Celsius). Therefore, Peek is a great material for optimal sonic results but also safe material.Kapton is a more stable insulator than most other insulation materials (including Teflon) and it has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Kapton is extremely durable with high melting point (400 degrees Celsius). As a result, the double insulation layer can be very thin allowing twisting the conductors in a near perfect symmetry and angle, which results in very low inductance and excellent EMI and RFI rejection

Length: 1m

Connector: XLR

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