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The primary development goal of the Aavik P-880 was to create a powerful non-switching pure class A power amplifier with the lowest possible output impedance that would contribute to a better signal and less noise, thus improving speaker performance, resulting in a much more organic sound and more musicality.

Through a long and intensive research and development process, Aavik’s engineering team identified several characteristic elements in the traditional Class A amplifier design that could be improved, which has had a very positive effect on the soundstage and musicality.

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By dividing the Aavik I-880 integrated amplifier into separate pre- and control amplifiers, we have created the Aavik P-880 and the Aavik C-880. This seperation has reduces the noise floor, to an even lower level, refine the signal, and increase the power resources. Furthermore, this division has created space for new technologies, which have further contributed to a even larger sound stage with an extremely quite background.

Aavik have designed a circuitry that constantly keeps the bias spread 0,63 V above the required current, no matter where it is in the cycle. So, no matter how much current the power amp requires to perform, it always stays in Class A up to an impressive 2×200 W into 8 ohms, while at the same time not consuming unnecessary power.

This significant reduction in the power requirements of the amplifier allowed Aavik to design the capacitors as smaller units and place them locally, so that essentially each of the eight pairs of output transistors has its own capacitor bank right next to it. This means that the current does not have to flow through long wire harnesses and long circuit boards. The current is always directly at the output transistor, which means a shorter signal path and therefore less noise. In addition, this innovative Aavik design also means that the 880 amplifiers do not get as hot as conventional Class A amplifiers, resulting in higher efficiency.

Amplifier Section

Output:2 x 250W 8 ohm
2 x 500W 4 ohm
Distortion (THD):<0,007% (10W, 1kHz, 8 ohm)
Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 58 × 51 × 15.5 cm

2 years

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