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Nordost QBase Mark II (QB8) AC Distribution


Used 8.5/10 With original box.


Providing excellent solutions for treating AC power and yielding cleaner, clearer, more natural sound, the eight-outlet Quantum QB8 QBASE MkII power conditioner is substantially upgraded over the original version and delivers even better performance. Now outfitted with enhanced connectors for increased connectivity, customized frame-plate housing for finer mechanical stability, a higher-quality PC board that accommodates higher currents, a dedicated installed fuse for over-current protection, and four updated feet that allow for greater contact surface and a wider stance, the four-outlet QB4 QBASE MkII operates as a superb foundation for both small and medium-sized systems. With QB8 QBASE MkII, you’ll experience a lower noise floor, heightened imaging, wider and deeper soundstages, sharper details, superior pacing, and outstanding dynamics.

Features & Benefits

  • Connectors: The IEC input and the US (NEMA) connectors are upgraded to new, more durable connectors that maintain better connectivity after extended use.
  • Frame Plate: A customized “frame plate” housing for the connectors improves the mechanical stability.
  • PC Board: Enhanced PC boards are upgraded to include heavier traces, designed to accommodate higher currents.
  • Dedicated Fuse: An installed dedicated fuse provides overcurrent protection of the source circuit and prevents system damage caused by overheating.
  • Feet: Four upgraded fixed stabilizing feet have greater contact surface and a wider stance to provide stability on hard surfaces.

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