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Mainz X2 3.0m


The Ansuz Mainz X2 power cable opens the gateway to an absolutely new sound quality that is characteristic of the entire Ansuz series of high-end power cables. Enjoy this much more natural sound of your favorite music.

GB 15 or 20 AMP
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Ansuz develops and manufactures cables based on advanced, cutting edge technologies. Ansuz cables deliver a pure signal flow that unleashes the authentic sound originally intended by the master recording. To achieve this, it is imperative to lower resistance, curb induction and reduce noise floor to a minimum. The more advanced the cable series, the more refined and sophisticated the implemented technologies, and the more transparent, holistic and authentic the resulting soundstage.

The housing is made of anodized aluminum with in-house made laser engravings.

The connectors are made of gold-plated pure copper.

The conductors are made of shielded silver-plated copper.

The ground wire is made of shielded silver-plated copper.

To ensure greater mechanical stability, Ansuz twists the cables.

Dimensions 100 cm

2 years

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