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Isotek Sigmas GII 6 Way Mains Conditioner

Used 8/10 Without box.



The IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner has been developed using the award winning technologies from the GII Mini Sub/Vision and the Titan to create a unique high quality full system power conditioning solution. It has been designed to offer the very best performance possible in a single box ‘plug-n-play’ power conditioner. What’s more the IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner can be used for a complete audio or home theatre system. The performance one can expect from the IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner is unrivalled at its price point party due to the fact that it harnesses IsoTek’s unique multi award winning ‘Direct Coupled Design’ a critical element in the design of Titan as well as combining this with component from component isolation, key features in GII Mini Sub/Vision and the proprietary ‘Adaptive Gating’ auto sensing features of Nova. The IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner gives an insight into what can be expected from IsoTek’s truly cutting edge high-end solutions. Within the IsoTek product range the IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner sits between the GII Mini Sub/Vision and the high-end Nova & Titan combination.

At the rear of the IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner unit you will note six high quality outlets, these are individually filtered to stop components ‘talking’ to each other or corrupting the clean supply provided by the unit. This is achieved by a series of high quality filters on each of the outputs and a sophisticated ‘adaptive gating’ system which auto senses the requirement of filtering products connected to the medium current outlets need.

Outputs 1 & 2 (high current) feature the ‘direct coupled design’ concepts first introduced to the field of power conditioning with the Titan. This allows for almost unlimited transient ability, essential for higher power rated products, such as power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, some ‘tube’ pre-amplifiers, projectors and plasma screens, etc. the remaining four being suitable for all other equipment.

The underside of the IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner features two Thermo-magnetic fuses, these can be easily accessed from the front panel using the to sculpted cut outs (just below the LEDs) as position indicators. The IsoTek GII Sigmas Mains Conditioner adopts the British electric ‘integrity of fusing’ system. Therefore the (right) 16amp Thermo-magnetic fuse switch must be engaged first, followed by the (left) 6amp. These are located, and can be accessed from the front panel or underside of the unit and eliminate any need to enter the product. IsoTek further enhances the ‘integrity of fusing’ by the use of specialised VDR over voltage protection devices. These are specially selected to offer over voltage safety whilst not effecting audio quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Latest generation design featuring ‘Polaris-X’ technology.

  • 2 high current outlets with an optimised ‘Direct Coupled Design’ circuit, similar to the multi award winning Titan.

  • Component from component isolation, each outlet individually filtered.

  • Auto sensing outputs to optimize filter requirements of connected components.

  • Theromo Magnetic fusing for ultimate overvoltage safety.

  • Dedicated earth post.

  • Includes high quality power cord.

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