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Dr Feickert Blackbird turntable


10/10 New



The idea

… was obvious. The design of the smaller brother has a special appeal to build a turntable a little bigger in size. There are lots of vinyl lovers who wish to run two tonearms on one deck – here we go! We did not only make a simple upscale but set a new course in terms of ease of use.

The mission

… was to enhance the technical base of the Woodpecker to push forward the sound quality. Running two tonearms was a requirement but we also implemented some new ideas on the drive. We refined the controller software to drive two motors simultaneously in a kind of master-slave configuration.

Putting the two motors in a 180° position around the bearing cancels out all reactive forces that could cause gyration of the platter. As a free add-on we achieve better randomization of wow & flutter less disturbing the hearing process and lower bearing rumble at the same time.

The result

… is an enhanced sovereignty in sound – excellent measurements and a timeless elegance combined with absolute ease of use. As a world‘s first we have integrated a dedicated Protractor that is blindingly simple in use. You will be amazed how easy setup of your cartridge can be.

The sound

… sovereign, dynamic, powerful and neutral at the same time. No matter which tonearm you are planning to use. Relax and take a trip into the fascination of music knowing that not even the smallest detail on the black gold is being kept back.

  • Belt-driven turntable with two motors for two tonearms Quick change system for tonearms
    Integrated adjustment template.
  • Dimensions: 530 mm x 420 mm x 150 mm
  • Armboard right: 205 – 320 mm center distance (9 – 13 inch effective
    length )
  • Armboard left (optional): 205 – 240 mm center distance ( 9 – 10 inch effective length)
  • Weight: 17.5 kg (chassis), 22 kg (without tonearm)
  • Note, this unit is full option with initial platter and Zebrano wood veneer.
  • Come with original packing.

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