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The D-580 DAC is a master in converting all the digital data without any loss into a dynamic scale of music that project even the tiniest musical details onto a remarkable larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background.

Digital in:

S/P-DIF (32-192 k-samples, 24 bit):2 x BNC
Optical (32-192 k-samples, 24 bit):2 x TOSLINK
USB (Fully isolated UAC asynchronous), PCM (32-192 k-samples, 24 bit) , DSD 64 – DSD 1281 x USB
Distortion (THD at 1 kHz at 0dB):<0,005%


Line out:1 x RCA
Output at 0dB:4,5Vms
Output impedance:100 ohms
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Our ultimate goal in developing the Aavik DACs has been to transfer the digital signals into a natural, harmonious, yet, dynamic music experience without losing any of the enormous amount of information contained in the digital source. Our engineers have been extremely fastidious in selecting the electronic components and have spared no effort to exploit any opportunity for acoustic improvement.

The Aavik design is Scandinavian understatement and expresses simplicity and minimalism featuring only a few buttons for logical operation. The multifunctional main knob allows to navigate and control the various functions. We have boosted the self-confidence with a huge red display, which makes it easy to read all details of the selected operational settings.

The cabinet design represents a Aavik characteristic. The testing of new circuits and electronic components is often done without the enclosing cabinet. The disturbing sonic influence, which emanates from the material the cabinet is made of – mostly aluminium – results from its mechanical resonance. To eliminate this sonic distortion, the challenge was to minimize the use of aluminium in the cabinet to the absolute minimum that is unavoidable to ensure sufficient cooling. We began testing various materials and designed an innovative natural-based composite material, which reduces the mechanical influence, particularly the hysteresis. The sonic result is distinctly audible and reflects a further prominent cornerstone in Aavik’s quest for the ultimate music experience.

Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 40.0 × 38.4 × 10.2 cm

2 years

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