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Cary Audio CAD300SEI

Used 7/10



The 300SEI was a musical revelation, providing a totally involving and musically euphoric experience night after night. The 300SEI excelled in the most important areas: harmonic rightness, total lack of grain, astonishing transparency, lifelike soundstaging, and a palpability that made the instruments and voices seem to exist in the listening room. Beyond these specific attributes, the 300SEI communicated the musical message in a way that went straight to the heart.


  • Single-ended integrated amplifier.
  • Inputs: three line-level inputs on RCA jacks.
  • Tube complement: 6SN7 input and driver (x3), 300B triode output (x2).
  • Power output: 11Wpc into 8 or 4 ohms (10.4 and 7.4dBW, respectively).
  • Frequency response: 23Hz-20kHz +0, -0.75dB (at 11W output).
  • S/N ratio: 90dB ref. rated power output.
  • Headphone output: 4-50 ohm-compatible (¼”” stereo jack).

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