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Aavik C-880 Control Amplifier

To create the best and most effective control section, Aavik’s engineering department has carefully tested and evaluated each electronic component to ensure both the lowest possible noise floor and further refinement of the signal. The ultimate goal of this thorough approach is for the Aavik C-880 amplifier to unlock a dynamic musical range that projects even the smallest musical details onto a palpably larger soundstage with an extremely quiet background. (pre-order)

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By dividing the Aavik I-880 integrated amplifier into separate power and control amplifiers, we have created the Aavik P-880 and the Aavik C-880. This seperation has reduces the noise floor, to an even lower level, refine the signal, and increase the power resources. Furthermore, this division has created space for new technologies, which have further contributed to a even larger sound stage with an extremely quite background.

This Aavik series is designed to ensure massive power resources with ultra-low noise. Unlike the square waves used by conventional switch mode power supplies, this Aavik series boast a resonant mode design which is principally driven by sine waves.

When more power is needed, the operating frequency increases, which, in turn, has the advantage that the power density also increases, thus allowing higher peak power when required by the music.

The noise floor in the raw power supply is extremely low but could be even further lowered by the ultra-low noise regulators supplying the different parts of the circuit. The noise of these regulators is measured in a few microvolts respectively nanovolts, which is significantly lower than the noise level of conventional regulators.

The principle of a traditional class A power supply is to create switching noise. This happens when the large capacitors have to absorb current from the transformer. Current can only flow into the capacitors when the voltage on the outside is less, so when current is needed, the voltage across the capacitors will be lower than the 50/60 Hz cycle. Although defined as a linear power supply, there are a lot of current transients flowing in these power supplies.
The Aavik 880 amplifier has four 500W power factor corrected resonant mode power supplies. The 500w power supplies combined with the extremely large power banks mean that the amplifier can deliver peak currents in excess of 80A, so it is not the power supply in the Aavik 880 amplifier that will limit how much you can feed into your speakers in transient and they will never switch .

Aavik Noise Reduction

Active Tesla coils:314
Active Square Tesla coils:663
Dither circuitry:36
Active zirconium anti aerial resonance Tesla coils:2

Power consumption

Standby:1 W
Idle:12 W
Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 58 × 51 × 15.5 cm

2 years

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