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Audio Physic Tempo VI Loudspeakers

8/10 With original packing and box.



The visual appearance cannot be bettered: the proportions, size and curves, with a sure taste for style, as well as the workmanship of the predecessor model were already perfect. This is why the Tempo VI looks every inch as elegant as the Tempo V. Well done!
Technically speaking, however, Audio Physic’s chief designer Manfred Diestertich has turned everything upside down. He has replaced the two side-firing 7’’ woofers with another type of driver, featuring a generous 1.6‘’ voice coil, which makes for even lower distortions. The new soft dome tweeter effortlessly reaches well beyond 30 kilohertz. The superiority of these cutting edge chassis could be established the very moment the loudspeaker was put to the test. The 6th incarnation of the Tempo has much higher level stability (106 compared to 101 Decibel) and reaches much further down due to a lower cut-off frequency of 42 Hertz (Tempo V: 65 Hertz). Diestertich, a true decoupling specialist who came up with the tried and tested SSC feet (among other inventions), takes special pride in his new midrange driver featuring a 5.9‘’ aluminum diaphragm……

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  • Speakers come with original packing.

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