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Ansuz Acoustic Mainz8 A power distributor

Used 8/10 Without box.



The Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors are pinnacle products giving your HiFi components the very best working conditions.

Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors will supply a steady flow of current to even the most demanding High End system. With a massive capacity of grounding through star grounding technology, all models deliver the perfect groundwork for High End performance.

The Ansuz Mainz8 each has 8 dedicated mains outlets and all feature the same extremely low impedance star grounding system. Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors basically distribute mains power and the effective ground connection and the top levels are packed with technology and the experience we have gained from our work with Audio R&D.

Features & Benefits

  • Star grounding

  • High gauge grounding

  • Horizontal mounted connections

  • Darkz connections for mechanical grounding

  • Separate ground connection on the side for parallel coupling between more Ansuz Mainz 8’s

  • Non Hysteresis design (no aluminum)

  • Multiple Sparkz (varies per level)

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