07.01.2022 // DIRK SOMMER

The state-of-the-art sound transducers Børresen Acoustics 05 with their cables have meanwhile perfectly acclimatized in my listening room: The chain plays even more beguiling than when the test was written. But the reasons for so much euphoria may be more interesting than any crush, and Michael Børresen mentions them in the following interview.

As a reminder: Roland Dietl and I conducted the interview on the day when Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen had set up the 05 SSE very close to the sidewalls of my study, as is usual for them, and aimed it precisely at a listening position. This positioning had amazed and fascinated me, which is why it was discussed again and again in our conversation. Roland Dietl had not yet heard the loudspeakers at this point, but has since made up for it. He saw it in the tesThe list described above, which allows two people to enjoy the immense capabilities of the 05 SSE, and was just as enthusiastic as I was. The Børresen asks me again a question of conscience: Should I enjoy it as long as possible, or should I go back to my transducers quickly before I get used to the 05 SSE, which makes the separation all the more painful?

A few more words about the recording situation during the interview: Lars Kristensen actually wanted to leave the work to his colleague and made himself comfortable on the sofa while Michael Børresen, Roland Dietl and I grouped around the dining table and the small Nagra voice recorder. In between, Lars Kristensen couldn’t resist one or the other comment – unfortunately, they weren’t recorded properly acoustically. You can still hear passing trains and my wife or her camera. With this, she also took the pictures of the individual chassis that were not yet available when the speakers were taken in the photo studio. Look forward to hearing impressions that not only talk about B&O, but also the Mosad and F16s.

Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen refine the 05 SSE installed close to the wall with Zirconium Darkz
Here you can see the silver ring between the two ring magnets
The tweeter from the front …
… and from behind
The developer explains the advantages of his chassis to Roland Dietl
Even if the crossover plays a major role in the success of the two-and-a-half-way concept, the focus of the developer is on its patented chassis
After the work is done: Departure to the Bavarian tavern
MANUFACTURER INFORMATION Børresen Acoustics 05 Silver Supreme Edition
Frequency response25Hz-50KHz
Efficiency90dB / 1W
Impedance> 5 Ω
Recommended amplifier power> 50W
TweeterBørresen ribbon tweeter
Woofer2 x patented, iron-free Børresen bass-midrange drivers, 11.5cm diameter, 4 x patented, iron-free Børresen bass-midrange drivers, 15.5cm diameter
executionWalnut veneer
Dimensions (W / H / D)30.5 / 155 / 58cm

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