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Borresen 05 SSE at Audio Perfectionist

We are honour to have Andrew from Penang, who came to audition our system set up. He was so blown away by our system setup, that he wrote us a review as follows.

On invitation and hosted by Issac Ho yesterday late evening, I had the opportunity to listen to this Audio Perfectionist system which to my ears is another contender to the best I’ve listened in terms of sound quality. It’s not prudent to make comparisons as everything else including the venue is different but if the Magico M2 had bass and transient attack that was agile, hard hitting and visceral, this (the Børresen Acoustics 05) takes it to another level and hits the lowest registers while remaining tight and fast in the time domain complete with all the texture, macro and microdynamics you’ll want and more.

The soundstage is even larger and deeper and the way the musical soundscape projected holographically in front of you and in-between the speakers had me bordering on disbelief. Even if you focused, the sound does not seem to come from the speakers but in front and in between in an enveloping soundstage. This effect does lessen off the sweet-spot but if you’re seated in the right place get ready for goose bumps, hair raising and kick in the guts/chest aplenty. One ceases to notice all the hi-fi attributes (which the system is not lacking by any means) and just revel in the live and alive presentation. I attribute this to the top notch yet fairly neutral resolution that does not emphasise any particular frequency. I’d say “fairly” because to my ears nobody does neutral and resolution like CH Precision. Except for a better digital source (SOTA CD/SACD playback to me is still better than streaming and file playback) this is one step closer to the absolute sound to my ears. The quest for a winning lottery combination is getting ever more desperate.

Borresen Acoustics 05 SSE

System list,

Børresen Acoustics 05 Speakers, Ansuz Acoustics Cabling, Ethernet PowerSwitch and power distributor, McIntosh Electronics, J.Sikora Turntables Reference line turntable, Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc. Racking systems, and Cary Audio DMS700 streamer.

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