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Børresen 02 SSE: Super loudspeaker for 68,000 euros

With this 02, Børresen has one of the most ambitious (living room friendly) floor standing speakers on the market. But with the Silver Supreme Edition, he puts the crown on everything. A journey into the micro-structures of magnets and other components.

The last few percent of sound improvement are always the most expensive. This bitter realization can also be applied to the 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker Børresen 02 SSE (i.e. in the Silver Supreme Edition) because, at just under 69,000 euros, it already plays at the upper end of what the common
hi-fi fan is still willing to spend on his hobby. But in addition to this clear luxury character, the Børresen 02 SSE conveys another very good feeling: namely, that the electrodynamic loudspeaker principle has been raised to the currently highest possible level here.

Online Magazine: The Ear  /  Author: Frank Borowski

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