Audiovector R6 Arreté review by What HiFi

The R6 Arreté’s understated exterior hides a design of unusual complexity and rare musical talent

Audiovector is a small, specialist speaker manufacturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1979 by Ole Klifoth, who remains heavily involved in the company to this day, and now works alongside the current CEO, his son, Mads.

Audiovector R6 Arrete

We mention this not just because Ole and Mads are nice people (they are) but because it speaks to a remarkable consistency in the way the company has been run since its inception. Audiovector has always made smart but understated premium to high-end speakers, and that continues today. This impressive consistency also applies to the sound quality of the company’s products.

This R6 is a great example. It is the third Arreté model we’ve heard from the brand and follows the similarly range-topping versions of the standmounting R1 and compact floorstanding R3. Of course, there’s more scale, authority, and bass extension as the speakers get bigger, but, in essence, they all share a common sonic character, one that we’ve found hugely appealing over the years

Audiovector is unusual in the way its main product ranges are organised. Each range is based around a core model, called the Signature. Elements of the model such as the drive units, crossover or even the structure of the cabinet are upgraded for the step-up Avantgarde model, and then again to reach range-topping Arreté status. Arreté is the ultimate expression as far as the company’s engineering goes and features a whole host of quite exotic technologies.

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